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The Discovery Group is a geological consulting and petrophysical consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1987, our group of professional geoscientists including petrophysicists and petroleum geologists offers you a broad spectrum of expertise in the areas of petroleum geology, stratigraphy, carbonate and clastic sedimentology, mapping, subsurface correlation, core and outcrop characterization, reservoir description, wireline log analysis and log analysis interpretation, core analysis interpretation, petrophysical model development, formation evaluation, geoscience training, and integrated reservoir studies.

Our practice is concentrated in the areas of oil and gas exploration and development, including both conventional and non-conventional reservoir studies. We are widely known and recognized for our work in tight gas sandstones and gas shales in North America. You might not know that we also provide petrophysical and geological services on conventional oil and gas reservoirs; on enhanced oil recovery projects; for mining companies evaluating coal, sediment hosted ores, and evaporite deposits; and for service companies who require geologic guidance and support for marketing and deployment decisions. Our expertise is global in scope with projects in most oil and gas provinces of the world.

This website introduces you to the geological & petrophysical services we provide, The Discovery Group focus and history, our Geologists and Petrophysicists, highlights a few of the larger petrophyical projects we've conducted, and provides resources including tight gas resources, shale gas resources and publications by our staff and some useful tools and links. Take some time to look around, see what geological or petrophysical services we might be able to assist you with, and then fill out the contact form if you would like to talk to us to learn more!

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