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The Discovery Group, Inc was founded in September, 1987 by Robert and Suzanne Cluff. Robert had been a long time independent geological and petrophysical consultant and Suzanne joined him after 10 years as an exploration and development petroleum geologist. The focus of the firm since inception has been the integration of geological, petrophysical, and engineering data. Whereas many companies in the formation evaluation field come at the business from a measurement or reservoir engineering background, our focus has always been integration of log analysis with the regional geology, petrophysical properties of the rocks and outcrop/core data. This occupies the "no man's land" between the geologist, the reservoir engineer, and the traditional log analyst.

In the 27 years since inception, The Discovery Group has worked on projects for companies of all sizes, from the one-person shop up to the largest oil companies in the world, for the majors and independents, for national oil companies, and for service companies and other consulting firms. Our business began in the Rocky Mountain region and still has a large focus in our own backyard, but has grown to cover most of the world and reservoirs of all geologic ages, lithologies, and productivities. We excel at large data projects, high well counts, old fields with limited data sets, and complex stratigraphic environments with highly variable petrophysical attributes.

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