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The following are a few of the in-house geoscience and Petrophysical software used in our geological and petrophysical work:
  • Crystal Ball (Monte Carlo risk analysis)
  • Fast RTA (rate-time-pressure analysis)
  • GeoGraphix ® (general geoscience database, correlation, and mapping)
  • Interactive Petrophysics (IP)
  • LESA-Log Evaluation System Analysis (deterministic log analysis)
  • Petra (general geoscience database, correlation, and mapping)
  • Petrel (3D geo-cellular modeling)
  • PhDWindows (decline curve analysis)
  • PowerLog (deterministic log analysis)
  • Python (general purpose programming language with excellent data science and machine learning libraries)
  • Statistica (statistical analysis)
  • StatMin (stochastic log analysis)
  • XLSTAT (statistical plugin for Excel)


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