Bakken & Three Forks Geological and Petrophysical Database
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Bakken & Three Forks Geological and Petrophysical Database

NEW!  The Williston Basin landscape is changing rapidly. Our database provides the necessary tools and information to quickly evaluate properties that are coming on the market. This database of vertical wells, complete with tops, digital logs and rasters, geological and petrophysical maps and cross-sections, and Bakken TOC data, will assist in the decision-making process.

This one-of-a-kind study includes:
  • Digital database in Petra or ASCII format, delivered on DVD
  • Basic well header data, non-proprietary X-Y locations
  • Digital land base
  • Bakken, Pronghorn, and Three Forks formation tops and internal markers for 940 wells
  • Modern, digital log curves in 494 wells
  • Depth-registered raster logs for 692 wells
  • 22 geological maps and 90 petrophysical maps
  • 26 stratigraphic cross-sections and 19 petrophysical property cross-sections
  • 32 wells with digitized core analyses and 807 wells with digital geochemistry (e.g., TOC) data

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Bakken thickness map 

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