Geological Database Delaware Basin Shales Formation Evaluation Study
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Delaware Basin Barnett Formation - Woodford Formation Shales Study

Our leading geoscientists have compiled a geological database that includes well data, well locations, digitized wells, formation tops, maps and cross sections ready for you to begin your regional evaluation of the Barnett and Woodford Shales. Get a quick start in the basin by purchasing this complete Delaware Basin database and begin your work today!

Barnett & Woodford Formations Shale Geological Database

  • Digital database in Petra or ASCII format
  • Basic well header data, non-proprietary X-Y locations
  • Formation tops on following 7 zones with supporting cross-sections:
    • Upper Barnett Shale
    • Lower Barnett Shale
    • Mississippian Limestone
    • Upper Woodford Shale
    • Middle Woodford Shale
    • Lower Woodford Shale
    • Devonian-Silurian Limestone undifferentiated
    • Internal correlation markers
  • Digital land base
  • 470 digitized Barnett/Woodford wells, most with density and/or sonic curves
  • Log based estimates of average density
  • Nearly 600 Barnett and Woodford penetrations
  • 48 maps and 11 cross sections in PDF format, including:
    • Thickness of Barnett, Woodford, and each sub-interval
    • Net thickness of radioactive shale for each interval
    • Structure and drilling depth to base of Woodford
    • Average bulk density, sonic transit time, and resistivity by unit
    • Mean TOC computed from bulk density for Barnett and Woodford Shales
  • Delivered on DVD

West Texas Barnett-Woodford Shale Study - Cross Section Index Map Cick on thumbnail to enlarge cross section index map.

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