Fort Worth Basin Barnett Shale
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Barnett Shale Study Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Our Ft Worth Basin Barnett Shale study to reflects drilling and exploration activity up to 2001. This digital product includes maps, cross-sections, and database in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format on a single CD-ROM. Paper copies of each map at 1"=16,000 feet and one copy of each cross-section are also included. The project area now includes 700 study wells drilled through early 2001.

All maps and cross-sections have been updated to reflect the new well data. Correlations have been improved and refined in many areas from the new data. Logs have been digitized from approximately 500 feet above the top Barnett to 300 feet below the base of the Barnett. Production decline curves have been compiled for every Barnett producer and estimated ultimate recoveries estimated using consistent decline analysis methods.

This study will be an indispensable aid for your regional evaluation of the Barnett Shale play. Know where this play is likely to grow and focus your exploration and leasing efforts now!

The study includes the following new maps and sections:

  • Structure maps (3)
    Top of upper Barnett Sh.
    Top of lower Barnett Sh.
    Base of Barnett Sh.
  • Drilling depth maps (3)
    Top of lower Barnett Sh.
    Top of upper Barnett Sh.
    Base Barnett Sh.
  • Thickness maps (6)
    Marble Falls Limestone
    Total Barnett Sh.
    Total Barnett Interval
    Upper Barnett Sh.
    Forestburg Ls.
    Lower Barnett Sh.
  • Net Thickness maps (9)
    Net radioactive total Barnett Sh.
    Net radioactive Upper & Lower Barnett Sh.
    Net high resistivity total Barnett Sh.
    Net high resistivity Upper & Lower Barnett Sh.
    Net low density total Barnett Sh.
    Net low density Upper & Lower Barnett Sh.
  • Property maps (8)
    Subcrop map of units below the Barnett with
    limits of the Forestburg and Marble Falls Limestones
    Average resistivity of the total Barnett Sh.
    Average resistivity of Upper & Lower Barnett Sh.
    Average bulk density of the total Barnett Sh.
    Average bulk density of Upper & Lower Barnett Sh.
    Estimated ultimate recovery of Barnett producers, Newark East field
  • Cross-sections
    14 regional cross-sections
    Index map to cross-sections
  • Other maps and database
    Database of tops and other data in Excel, Access, or ASCII formats (>700 wells)
    Interpreted decline curves in PDF format (637)
  • Digital log data in LAS format (295 wells)
  • Decline curves through 2001 (925 wells)

Study wells, wells with digitized well logs, and regional cross-section grid

This study is available immediately! Contact (303) 831-1515 x202

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