Basic Openhole Log Interpretation
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Basic Openhole Log Interpretation

Instructor: Daniel A. Krygowski, Senior Petrophysicist

The log interpretation course assumes no logging knowledge and seeks to establish an understanding of basic petrophysical measurements and interpretation techniques which can be applied to routine tasks and upon which more complex and advanced information and interpretive techniques can be built. The Course:

  • Offers a `hands-on` approach to basic openhole well log analysis and interpretation.

  • Focuses on the traditional interpretation targets of lithology, porosity, and fluid saturation.

  • Introduces a variety of interpretation techniques: computational to visual (pattern recognition), and the use of some older techniques in the context of the availability of newer, more extensive, data.
The course strives to provide a strong and coherent foundation for the understanding of other, specialized interpretation techniques involving well log data, which are not covered here.

Course topics include:
  • An overview of petrophysical well log data acquisition.
  • Description of correlation/lithology, porosity, and resistivity logs.
  • Determination of lithology, porosity, and fluid saturation from logs.
  • Interpretive techniques using logs individually and in combination.
  • Interpretation exercises to reinforce the interpretation methods discussed.

Course Length : Three Days

To view the course agenda please click here.

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