Formation Evaluation
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Normalization and clean up

Well-log normalization plays a critical role in any regional-scale evaluation or analysis. This is due to the variability in raw data which results in glaring inconsistencies on well-to-well comparisons.

A number of factors cause inconsistent well-log measurements amongst wells in the same field. Variations exist in the physics and geometries of tools between different service vendors, as well as in each vintage of a tool within a single company. Additionally, physical conditions like borehole size and rugosity, or mud weights that affect attenuation factors on centered tools are cause for discrepancy.

Color-filled cross-section of before and after normalization of RHOB logs in a 1000+ well project

It is therefore our recommendation that regional-scale petrophysical analysis be preceded by a comprehensive, if minimal, data normalization.

We have extensive experience with normalizing gamma ray, bulk density, neutron porosity, photoelectric effect, and sonic logs. Better data drives better decisions. Contact us about cleaning up your log database.

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