Petrophysical Projects and Geological Projects
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Although a majority of the geological consulting and petrophysical consulting projects completed by the Discovery Group are proprietary and the data is subsequently private we have provided project data for non-proprietary projects below. Additionally, we have provided details concerning formation evaluation regional studies conducted by The Discovery Group that are available for purchase. These particular databases provide complete well data information, formation evaluation information, rock catalogs, core analyses, and log analyses.

Proprietary projects and databases available for licensing
(contact us for more details):

Non-proprietary projects with links to data and publications:

  • Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones from Western US Basins - This petrophysical analysis provides formation evaluation tools related to relative permeability, capillary pressure, rock analysis and electrical properties in addition to algorithms for wireline log analysis in the mesaverde tight gas sandstones of Washakie Basin, Uinta Basin, Piceance Basin, norther Greater Green River Basin, Wind River Basin and Power River Basin.

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