Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones - Data by Basin
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Please select a Basin or Well below for a list of the Corresponding Well Data

Click here for a list of all wells in each western US basin and the corresponding well data utilized for the tight gas sandstone study.
Use this list to determine which data is available in each basin.

KGS Basin Location Map

1-Barlow 21-20 Fred State 2 Shawnee 2 Shawnee 3 Tribal Phillips 31-22 Lookout 1-27 Chevron 2-1 Wasp A-1 Vible 1D-11D Pinedale 5 Mason K-2 Big Piney B-54 Tip Top Shallow C-47 Old Road 1 Spider Creek B-2A Siberia Ridge Unit 5-2 Five Mile Gulch  Unit 3 Arch Unit 102-7-10 Arch Unit 65-1-7 Wild Rose 1 (Confidential Location) Dripping Rock 5 Dripping Rock 3 Fee C-1 Craig Dome 1-791-2613 West Craig 1-691-0513 Moon Lake 21011-5 M-30-2-96W Willow Ridge T63X-2G MV 33-34 PA 424-34 MWX-2 Last Dance 43C-3-792 Book Cliffs 1 Book Cliffs 3 Book Cliffs 4 Flat Mesa Fed 2-7 NBU 1022-1 NBU State 920-360 River Bend Unit 11-17F US Lamco 3-24 US Lamco 4-5 Powder River Basin Wind River Basin Washakie Basin Green River Basin Sand Wash Basin Uinta Basin Piceance Basin
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