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The following list includes downloadable lithologies for all well included in the Kansas Geological Society and Discovery Group Mesaverde tight gas sandstones project. Please select the desired well to view its core description.

KGS-DOE Core Chart Lithology Patterns

BasinAPIWell Name
Green River4903505742 C-47 Tip Top Shallow
Green River4903506020 B-54 Big Piney
Green River4903506200 K-2 Mason
Green River4903508024 5 Pinedale
Green River4903520088 Inexco Wasp A-1
Green River4903520622 Am Hunter Old Road 1
Green River4903523799 Shell Vible 1D-11D
Green River4903705349 B-2A Spider Creek
Piceance05045XXXX4 1 Book Cliffs
Piceance0504506571 MV 33-34 Chevron
Piceance0504510927 Williams PA-424-34
Piceance0504511402 Barrett Last Dance 43C-3-792
Piceance0504560011 CER MWX-2 core description part 1
Piceance0504560011 CER MWX-2 core description part 2
Piceance05103XXXX3 20111-5 Moon Lake
Piceance0510309406 M30-2-96W
Piceance0510310391 Exxon Mobil Willow Ridge T63X-2G
Powder River4900525627 LLE 1-Barlow 21-20
Powder River4900905481 3 Shawnee
Powder River4900906335 2 Shawnee
Powder River4900921513 2 Fred State
Sand Wash0508106718 West Craig 1-691-0513
Sand Wash0508106724 Cockrell 1-791-2613 Craig Dome
Uinta43019XXX01 3 Book Cliffs
Uinta43019XXX02 4 Book Cliffs
Uinta4304730545 Enserch Flat Mesa 2-7
Uinta4304730584 Mapco NB 11-17F River Bend Unit
Uinta4304730852 4-5 US Lamco
Uinta4304730860 3-24 US Lamco
Uinta4304735788 Kerr McGee Natural Buttes Unit 9-20-360
Uinta4304736565 Kerr McGee Natural Buttes Unit 1022-1A
Washakie4900721170 Fuel Resources C-11
Washakie4903705683 65-1-7 Arch Unit
Washakie4903720033 102-7-10 Arch Unit
Washakie4903721053 Five Mile Gulch 3
Washakie4903722304 Dripping Rock 3
Washakie4903722355 Dripping Rock 5-19
Washakie4903723956 Siberia Ridge 5-2
Wind River4901320966 Tribal Phillips 31-22
Wind River4901320836 Monsanto Lookout 1-27
Wind River4901320966 2-1 Chevron
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