Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones Report & Presentations
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Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones Final Report

Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones from Western US Basins

Preliminary Subject to Revision - Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones from Western US Basins Appendix

Presentations & Posters

Snowbird RMS-AAPG October 2007

RMS-AAPG Snowbird Byrnesetal-Regional petrophysical properties of Kmv

Snowbird RMS-AAPG October 2007

RMS AAPG Snowbird Byrnesetal poster corrected

San Antonio AAPG March 2008

08-21-08 2008 AAPG SanAntonio Byrnesetal Lithofacies and petrophysical properties of Kmv

Denver RMS-AAPG July 2008

2008 RMS-AAPG Byrnes et. al. Capillary pressure properties of Kmv

Denver RMS-AAPG July 2008

2008 RMS-AAPG Cluff Byrnes Evidence for a variable Archie porosity exponent

Denver RMS-AAPG July 2008

2008 RMS-AAPG Webb et. al. Uinta Piceance basin reservoir quality

Philadelphia SPWLA March 2009

2009 SPWLA Cluff et. al. Lithofacies
and Petrophysical properties of
Mesaverde Tight-gas Sandstones in
Western US Basins

Denver AAPG June 2009

2009 AAPG Short Course
Lithofacies and Petrophysical Properties of
Mesaverde Tight-Gas Sandstones in
Western U. S. Basins

Denver SPE/AAPG/SEG 2009

2009 SPE/AAPG/SEG Workshop:
From Macro to Micro -
the description and analysis of tight gas sand reservoirs

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