Mesaverde Tight Gas Sandstones Log Plots
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Please select the desired well to view the corresponding standard log plot based on log analysis by the experts at the Discovery Group.

BasinAPIWell Name
Green River4903520088 Inexco Wasp A-1
Green River4903520622 Am Hunter Old Road 1
Green River4903523799 Shell Vible 1D-11D
Piceance0504510927 Williams PA-424-34
Piceance0504511402 Barrett Last Dance 43C-3-792
Piceance0504560011 CER MWX-2
Piceance0510310391 Exxon Mobil Willow Ridge T63X-2G
Powder River4900525627 LLE 1-Barlow 21-20
Sand Wash0508106724 Cockrell 1-791-2613 Craig Dome
Uinta4304730545 Enserch Flat Mesa 2-7
Uinta4304730584 Mapco NB 11-17F River Bend Unit
Uinta4304735788 Kerr McGee Natural Buttes Unit 9-20-360
Uinta4304736565 Kerr McGee Natural Buttes Unit 1022-1A
Washakie4900721170 Fuel Resources C-11
Washakie4903721053 Five Mile Gulch 3
Washakie4903722304 Dripping Rock 3
Washakie4903722355 Dripping Rock 5-19
Washakie4903723956 Siberia Ridge 5-2
Washakie9999999999 Wild Rose 1
Wind River4901320836 Monsanto Lookout 1-27
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