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Recently Updated Resources

At The Discovery Group, we are constantly revising and improving these petrophysics resources. For your convenience, here is a list of the most recently updated resources.

Log Analysis Resources

Log analysis resources, including log analysis methods and log analysis techniques:

Training Courses

The Discovery Group offers a number of courses in openhole log interpretation and petrophysical data management, taught by some of the finest professionals in the business. The courses are taught through direct client requests and are presented at mutually convenient dates and locations.
In addition to, and in conjunction with, each of the courses, Discovery Group can share their experiences, and provide advice and counsel in applying the concepts learned in the courses to active projects in which the participants are engaged, so that the participants get immediate and direct experience in the application of those concepts.
Click here for a printable listing of course overviews.

Tips and tricks: Software and interpretation

Check back for more useful tips and tricks in geological and petrophysical software and interpretation.

Petrophysical Illustrations

Clicking on each of the illustrations below will access a larger view of the illustration and explanatory paragraphs. The illustrations will print on letter-sized (8.5x11 inch) paper.

Calculators for petrophysical quantities and parameters

Well Log Data Resources

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