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Oil & Gas Resources by State

State Oil & Gas Websites and Well Data Resources
Please scroll over the following maps to see view State resources. The top map includes all available state oil and gas resources including well data databases. The lower map includes State's Geological Survey websites or equivalent. Clicking on a state will redirect you to the corresponding website.

State Well Data Resources
Please scroll over a state to view well data resources for each state, if available. Clicking on a state will take you directly to the resource. Below you will find a list of all state sites available.

State Geological Survey Map
Please scroll over a state to view redirect information, clicking will redirect you to the state survey and all state's links are listed below:
Washington State Natural Resources DepartmentOregon Department of GeologyNorth Dakota Geological SurveyWyoming Geological SurveyIdaho Geological SurveyMontana Bureau of Mines and GeologySouth Dakota Department of Environment & Natural ResourcesNebraska Conservation and Survey Division - Geological Survey Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Geological SurveyColorado Geological SurveyMinnesota Geological SurveyWisconsin Geological and Natural History SurveyMichigan Geological SurveyIllinois State Geological SurveyIndiana Geological SurveyOhio Department of Natural ResourcesPennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural ResourcesMaine Geological SurveyNew York State Geological SurveyVermont Geological SurveyNew Hampshire Geological SurveyMassachusetts State GeologistRhode Island Geological SurveyConnecticut Geological and Natural History SurveyNew Jersey Geological SurveyDelaware Geological SurveyMaryland Department of the EnvironmentVirginia Division of Geology and Mineral ResourcesKentucky Geological SurveyWest Virginia Geological and Economic SurveyNorth Carolina Geological SurveySouth Carolina Department of Natural Resources & Geological SurveyTennessee Department of Environment & Conservation Division of GeologyMissouri Department of Natural Resources Division of GeologyGeorgia Geological SurveyGeological Survey of AlabamaKansas Geological SurveyFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionMississippi Department of Environmental QualityLouisiana Geological SurveyArkansas Geological SurveyOklahoma Geological SurveyTexas Bureau of Economic GeologyNew MExico Bureau of Geology and Mineral ResourcesArizona Geological SurveyUtah Geological SurveyNevada Bureau of Mines and GeologyCalifornia Geological SurveyAlaska Division of Geological & Geophysical SurveysHawaii USGS Data Clearinghouse Alaska Oil & Gas DatabaseAlabama Oil & Gas DatabaseArizona Oil & Gas Home PageCalifornia Oil & Gas Well DataFlorida Oil & Gas Well DataIdaho Oil & Gas Well DataIllinois Oil & Gas DatabaseIndiana Oil & Gas DatabaseIowa Oil & Gas DatabaseColorado Oil & Gas Well DataKansas Oil & Gas DatabaseKentucky Oil & Gas DatabaseArkansas Oil & Gas Well DataLouisian Oil & Gas DatabaseMaryland Oil & Gas Michigan Oil & Gas DatabaseMississippi Oil & Gas DatabaseMissouri Oil & Gas DatabaseMontana Oil & GasNevada Oil & Gas DataNew Mexico Oil & Gas DatabaseNew York Oil & Gas DatabaseNorth Dakota Oil & Gas DatabaseOhio Oil & Gas DataOklahoma Oil & Gas DatabaseOregon Oil & Gas DataPennsylvania Oil & Gas DatabaseSouth Dakota Oil & Gas DatabaseNebraska Oil & Gas DataTennessee Oil & GasTexas Oil & Gas DatabaseUtah Oil & Gas DatabaseVirginia Oil & Gas DatabaseWest Virginia Oil & Gas DatabaseWyoming Oil & Gas DatabaseWashington Natural Resources Data


Useful Links

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General oil & gas resources

  • Oil & Gas Prices
  • PetroMin (Petroleum E&P magazine for the Asia-Pacific region)
  • Get Web Access to Denver Climate Study Group
Geoscience software

Geological & petrophysical government organizations

General petroleum geology

  • AAPG (public outreach website with info and links about the petroleum industry)

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