Washakie & Eastern Green River Basin Almond Formation Project
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Washakie – Eastern Green River Basin Mesaverde Group
Almond Formation

This unique project emphasizes solutions to the following everyday exploration and production problems:

  • Evaluation productive vs. non-productive intervals
  • Determining accurate porosities from well logs and routine core analysis data
  • Computing accurate water saturations from well logs
  • Finding permeable zones from logs and cuttings
  • Estimating well productivity and recoverable reserves from logs and tests
  • Estimating recovery factors and probable drainage areas
  • Evaluating by-passed and behind pipe reserve potential
  • Increasing the accuracy of cash flow projections and book values

The products include two desk top references designed for use by geologists, reservoir engineers, and completion personnel in your company:

Rock Catalog
  • Three volume, loose leaf format
  • 220 samples illustrating all reservoir and major non-reservoir lithologies
  • Complete geologic description, whole core photos, cutting and core plug photographs for all samples
  • Complete well log properties and core-log tie for every sample
  • In-situ and routine core porosities, Klinkenberg permeabilities, and grain densities for all samples
  • Formation resistivity factor and Archie's "m" analyses for 156 samples
  • Effective Klinkenberg gas permeabilities at irreducible saturation and Swi analyses for 120 samples
  • Thin section analyses with color photographs for 112 samples
  • Mercury injection capillary pressure curves for 54 samples
  • Whole rock and clay fraction x-ray diffraction analyses for 77 samples
  • High magnification scanning electron microscopy for selected samples from each of the signification reservoir rock types
Formation Evaluation Manual
  • Geologic review of all reservoir and significant non-reservoir lithologies
  • Petrophysical analysis of every rock type including core determined properties and tie to reservoir geology
  • Log=core integration including recognition of lithologies from well logs
  • Log analysis corrections, procedures, and algorithms for optimum results
  • Well performance case histories
  • Cutting sample description procedures and rock comparators
  • Step-by-step decision tree for drilling and completion decisions

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